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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Variations on a theme

In keeping with the theme I established earlier, here is another important and interesting video not unlike the one with the three ex-terrorists. Brigitte Gabriel is a former Lebanese citizen who immigrated to the United States. She is pro Israel and against Hezbollah. And unsurpsingly enough she gets death threats for speaking out, but nonetheless she gave an interview to CNN.

The video is so in demand that it's very slow getting it right now. You can try and grab it the here.

I talked about it a little bit with Mkahlo Medina on NBC4. Thanks Mkahlo for having me on. Without getting into racial and religious misconceptions, I'd like to talk about it some more. I'm not going to be politically correct either, I'm sorry if that upsets some of you.

Radical Islam is going global. The conflict right now is a symptom of a larger problem. And I'm just happy that there are people like Brigitte who can keep me in perspective, it's very easy to start thinking in generalizations, not all Arabs and Muslims are like this. But a significant amount is, and it's getting worse.

I honestly have no idea what a solution to this may be, but a lot of "it" is coming from countries such as Iran and Syria and it needs to stop. Having these regimes smacked silly seems like a good way to go right now. Whatever the answer is, a part of this blog is about raising awareness to the problem. You, the reader can participate by talking to other people you know, how hard is that?

More soon.


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