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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Things you didn't see

The above was emailed to me as a powerpoint presentation, I took the liberty of uploading it to youtube. This is what life was like in Israel for a month.

About 30 minutes by train from where I am the city of Nahariya is located. During the conflict this city of 50,000 turned into a ghost town, it was easily within range of rockets and repeatedly targeted by rockets. Most residents left, the trains stopped arriving so far for fear of being hurt.

Of course some people couldn't (or in rarer cases wouldn't) leave.

In Nahariya a hospital was hit, in Haifa the hospital had daily close calls.

Both cities are now back to normal, over the next week I'll be showing you both, ideally visiting locations that were hit and talking to people. You'll get to see first hand how war effects Israelis (I'll give you a hint, once its all over were shaken for a little while but not stirred. The "bounce back" as I like to call it will be interesting to see).

Or you can go watch CNN.

Notes: For more pictures click on the title of this post, CNN please don't sue me.


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