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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Three people, interviewed

Rocket trails in the sky across town

When Saddam Hossain was asked about hitting Arabs after he threatened Haifa his reply was: "I'm not counting beans". Rockets don't discriminate. Being an Arab in Israel must be a strange feeling right now. The picture you are seeing above is of the trails rockets leave, this was taken across town by Ronza, an Israeli-Arab girl my age.

"This war is difficult for me as an Arabic girl who live in Israel , I'm stuck between the two sides. I know that Israel is against Hezbollah and not the Lebanese people, but the people that are injured by the rockets are the Lebanese people, I don't want anyone to injured, not Arabs and not Israelis.

I know that Hezbollah started it first, she is mixing people innocent into the war, and she should stop it and let the inhabitants do what they want to do because the Hezbollah endanger their life!! I have a Lebanese friend from the internet, we talk everyday, He says "Don't be afraid" and "stay safe" and we should keep our friendship and not to have the war brake it. And I also have a lot of Jewish friends too, they don't like this situation either, both in Israel and Lebanon."

Good to know you're not against us, despite your roots. What you are by birth shouldn't dictate your opinions or moral compass. Nonetheless, I'm sure it's not easy having such a personality clash within you. I can only hope most Israeli-Arabs are like you. Thanks for the interview, and stay safe.

Next up is Elad, also our age, also in the area but so far relatively out of harms way.

Q: "So what do you think about it all?"
A: 'Nobody likes wars."
Q: "The war hasn't affected you directly, right?"
A: "Personally? No. But most of my friends left to the center of the country with their families. I'm staying here, you don't really have the option of going out or seeing friends who didn't leave because everything is closed. And there are sirens every once in a while anyway. It's my last summer vacation, I'd much rather meet friends then stay indoors all the time."
Q: "The sirens don't bother you?"
A: "Of course they bother me. I don't like dropping everything and going downstairs, it happens often. I don't go into a shelter however, since it's been out of use for a long time and is filled with junk. We just go downstairs when the alarm starts, it might be a bit rash since the rockets don't reach us, a lot of them hit Haifa." [Ed note: He's in the area, but not in the path of the rockets. One rocket did hit today 10 minutes walking time from him]
Q: "Do you think this will continue for much longer? What will end it in your opinion?"
A: "I certainly hope that it won't… again, it's not a situation anybody likes being in, nobody gains from it. As to what might end it, I really don't know. If Syria gets involved it will be a while longer."
Q: "What about the Lebanese, who seem to be stuck in the middle of this?"
A: "The civilians who were killed? They are no better or worse off then we are. Lebanese civilians are killed from IDF operations just like Israeli civilians are killed from rockets. Some people think that Israel is too harsh in its retaliation, I don't really agree with that – no matter how I dislike this war, as long as our kidnapped soldiers are not returned it shouldn't end."

And there you have it. The title says three, the third one is with a Lebanese citizen in Beirut who Ronza is in contact with. He says he's safe, unfortunately his interview wasn't ready in time. I'll post what he has to say soon.

More updates soon.


  • Eugene I must say that your blog has really helped me restore my faith in humanity.

    Your a 17 year old Israeli, I'm a 17 year old American and these people your interviewing are Arabs and Muslims that are around the same ages.

    Im very happy That even as our people are at each others throats we can disscuss these situations from all Angles maturely.

    All these Wars and all this violence between our peoples are the wars of old men, old men that cannot let things go. We are the future of our people and it would seem that we have all reached the same consensus: All this violence between us is stupid and we have to end it.

    I Don't see any of the Slander and hate that the older members of our communitys spew on a daily basis, we are able to relate to each other and see that fighting because of our minor differances is stupid.

    No other time in history has this been able to happen. Duiring the Second world war Japanese youth and American youth couldn't just sit down in their homes and talk about whats going on. Duiring the 12 day war Israeli Youth couldnt sit down and talk with the youth of Egypt.

    The future Leaders of all the countrys involved in these events are here now, talking with eachother all over the internet. Hopefully we can all be this understanding when it's our turn to work for peace.

    By Blogger LibrarianAkios, at 8:23 PM  

  • you make a great point but think about it this way

    when polaticians start to figure this out in certain countries how long will it last information is power sun tzu said "to not know your enemy is to know defeat" (or basicly that) to many in power around the world the internet and the ability for ppl to talk to others in other countries is a threat greater than any army. basicly there power is a house of cards that colapses inward unfortunatly most ppl cant access the vast information so freely.......and some in the us have gottin into the habit of just accepting what we are told by those higher up in the information chain to control information is to have true power and when you give up the right to think for yourself you have lost the greatest gift of all in the bibble it is gods gift to man so by what right do we have to throw it away because it is easier

    By Blogger james, at 8:44 PM  

  • i have a question about the rocket launches does anyone know how often the hezys move to new launch locations and does anyone think the lebanese army might eventualy start pressuring the enemy from the north after all hezbollah is nothing but a bunch of rasist and extremist operationg on the syrian pes leash? and they did finaly just get free of the syrians?

    By Blogger james, at 9:15 PM  

  • My heart goes out to you and your family.. Know that many are reading, with many more praying..
    I am a mother of 3 grown children, and I live in the United States. My thoughts and prayers are with you..

    By Anonymous Melisa, at 9:37 PM  

  • Librarianakios, what a wonderful post. I'm glad to see the younger generation having more common sense than the older ones. Most of my generation was not heard when we were your age. I'm glad I've had the chance to be a part of this discussion.

    Eugene, how far have you travelled outside the bunker?

    Keep safe! My prayers are with you.

    By Blogger Sunny, at 10:54 PM  

  • james

    Most of the rocket launches are operated from south of Litany river and are operated from within Lebanese villages. The Hezbullah people kept those Katyusha launchers at their basement or yard and they operate them by command from Beirut. That's why it's so difficult to hit the launchers with out bombing houses that give them the necessary protection.

    The long rang rockets (as Fajr-3/5 and Zilzal) are shot from the back of a truck and they are operated mainly from north to the Litani river and from Beirut and Beqa'a valley. There the IAF had some great success to hit and damage those trucks.

    By Anonymous Abe Bird, at 3:20 AM  

  • i know this sounds stupid but well here it goes all war is horrible but what happened to just fighting bravly and not hidding behing women and children

    today the spartans and thermopaly are still remembered who is going to remember a coward who hides behind a civilian

    By Blogger james, at 6:03 AM  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger kmascia1271, at 5:53 PM  

  • Israel has used rubber bullets in the past....something about that speaks to has some child-like qualities in it....right now it reminds me of rubberbands, we used to shoot at plastic green army men with my nephews.This is one tiny voice here, Recipe for life!!! Who's your active writer? I would like to write this for compassion for people, for a redress, reshaping of the face of the nations, and up until the world get's it's piece(becomes piece-filled!). Directions: To stir us up to be the kids we once were...a lively laugh again...and just let this rapid hard driven world(please remove hard drive!). Add ingredients: One tiny voice, one grain of faith, people who don't hold on to things, lots of forgiveness, tender mercies, one another to pass this message and beat the evening news, stockpiles of Twinkies and DingDongs, and your goggles for any air born particles. Breaking bread news headline reads: WORLD GETS READY TO BE CHANGED WITH A TWINKIE IN THE EYE!! BEFORE THE TWINKLING OF AN EYE!! "A sibling revive-all! I declare the "Twinkie fight" a good fight to end all wars. Please start in your neighborhood...all you would need is some child-like faith and sharers of snacks. LIGHTEN UP WORLD! Come with a smile on your face and soften the face of your neighbor...even if you might get creamed! Be filled with piece! I hope the war is short and sweet! We shouldn't have any hard fillings about doing this, or do we all just sit here quietly and eat our Twinkies ? Enjoy your lunch! For my little brother David. Take care, lettuce have some feedback!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:07 AM  

  • If your enemies are hungry, give them food to eat. PROVERBS 25:21, also The New Testament, ROMANS 12:20 Instead, do what the Scriptures say: "If your enemies are hungry, feed them. If they are thirsty, give them something to drink, and they will be ashamed of what they have done to you."

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:58 AM  

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