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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

This is getting old

Today at 12:50PM the siren sounded again, everybody walked to the bunker and by 1:57PM were back. This is getting routine. The missile hit in the southern part in Haifa and there we no casualties, a fire broke out. The missile is reported to be different and smaller, more on this soon. 

A note about the blog:

The blog was created less then 60 hours ago, the traffic has spiked.

I was contacted by the Washington Post, also one of the comments states: "I'm a New Yorker living in Texas who heard about your blog from one of the cable news channels".  And in addition to the comments I've been getting emails as well.

So I'd just like to thank everybody for their support and comments.

Update: The IDF has released warning in 8 new Lebanese villages for civilians to leave the area. Aircraft are striking trucks that are suspected to hold missiles and the Beirut bombings are on going. It seems that Nasrallah went underground and is hiding.


  • From Catalonia, all my support against terror. And good luck to the IDF defeating Hezbollah, is not only in Israels interest but in the interest of the whole World, including Lebannon.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:45 PM  

  • I'm also from Catalonia. And my question is "Will you all stop being stupid and killing each other?" Use your brains and start building a lasting peace. Then you will understand how beautiful life is. Work together and stop wasting your lifes in fear. Stop following country and religion so-called leaders. Be yourselves, think for yourselves. And start thinking about what you'be been taught not to think. Think about the unthinkable: one world in peace. It's up to us. Or else there'll be no world at all. It's up to us... what will be left for our children? Will we keep teaching them how to hate and kill? The future depends on our determination to answer this question correctly.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:44 PM  

  • easy to say... but please be more realistic.. i'm sure we all want to agree with your piont of view, but i'm also sure you understand it's not that easy; sometimes not everyone have good will as you have

    By Anonymous :, at 3:09 PM  

  • Catalonia #2, haven't you figured out that western peace logic doesn't work with Islamofascists? It didn't work with the Eurofascists either... Some ideologies must simply be destroyed for there to be peace. Doesn't make me happy about it, but closing your eyes and wishing for peace doesn't make it so.

    By Anonymous Josh, at 3:38 PM  

  • When Hezbollah's down to a shell of their former self (no pun intended) in about a week, you're still going to have to do updates from the bunker just for old time's sake. Everyone else in Haifa will think you're nuts, but what the hell. Here in the US, we lack bunkers, but perhaps the next homeland security project can be to construct a concrete bunker for every 4.5 citizens, instead of, say, figuring out how to get supplies to state and local governments in a competent and timely fashion following natural disasters.

    By the way, next time someone complains about Israel bombing locations other than the south of Lebanon, be sure to mention that 1) Israel's cutting off Hezbollah's supply lines (by air, sea, and land), something it has to do if it intends to win this war and keep it from escalating; 2) Hezbollah leadership isn't sitting around with the guys firing rockets in the south, but are holed up elsewhere, necessitating strikes in other locations; and 3) if Israel wanted to harm civilians like Arabs routinely do, there wouldn't be any civilians left to harm. Arabs shouldn't accuse Israel of abusive warfighting when their idea of fighting fair is blowing up old women in pizza parlors and their dreams for their sons is that they will one day kill themselves and as many Jews as they can with a suicide vest.

    Question: what would have happened if this war were during Sukkot?

    Mr. Kite, USA

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:51 PM  

  • sukkot? :o so what?
    1st- Israel is not a religous state. it has a jewish foundetion, but most of the population are cecular jews that dont observer the shabat or any other holyday like religous people do. so fighting while its a holyday is not a problem... 2nd- there is a principal which is called "life and death postpone the Shabat", meaning that in cases of life and death, such as army activitise, you can work as hard as you wish.
    btw, why did you choose sukkot? what is so speacial about it? :o

    By Anonymous funny little man, at 7:24 PM  

  • The joke, Funny Little Man, was that about the last place on earth anybody would want to be during a rocket attack is in the middle of some booth made out of cloth and reeds and stuff. I mean, imagine having to be in a sukkah rather than a concrete bunker during the war. Ok, so the joke was lame, and yes, of course Judaism doesn't make Jews choose between not getting blown up and being a "good" Jew (unlike some religions I won't name), so it wouldn't actually be a genuine dilemma about what to do if the war fell during Sukkot. And, yes, I understand that Israel isn't some fundamentalist religious state, where you're shot if you forget to wear your kippah or sellers of pepperoni and cheese pizza are beaten with sticks. That's what made the joke even sillier.

    So, now that I've completely dissected my joke, was it the least bit clever? Sukkot during a rocket attack. Get it? Get it? Hahaha. A sukkah sure as heck ain't a concrete bunker. Hahaha. Ah, maybe I shouldn't quit my day job.....

    Mr. Kite, USA

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:06 AM  

  • :o
    well, i have never been in a real sukka all my life, so this point wasnt the 1st i thought about :P
    but its a celver one, i have to give you that :o

    By Anonymous funny little man, at 11:07 AM  

  • thank you so much for taking the time and energy during this personally stressful situation to keep all of us informed. i appreciate your courage!
    i'm an american married to an israeli. i received an expensive northeastern liberal arts university education and was shocked after my first visit to israel. i realized i had been duped by a propagandized academic system and biased media :(

    i was actually very angry to discover that much of what i learned was not only slanted, but factually untrue.

    travel is a fabulous anthema to the myopic ignorance much of the world is dealing with. but in lieu of travel, people like you who can bring the truth to us are invaluable!

    By Anonymous michelle, at 10:17 PM  

  • some of these comments demanding peace actually mask an ignorance about the situation and the culture. also..and extreme racism.

    many people also would have found it peaceful if the jews had just walked themselves to the gas chambers instead of having to deploy allied troops to rescue them.

    peace is in the eye of the beholder.

    many racist, violent people use the word "peace" to mean, go away and be quiet and let the tyrants who love us rule and allow them to murder those they hate with no inconvenience to the rest of us.

    these are the most violent, hate-filled people.

    those who hide behind the word peace without any care for their fellow man.

    By Anonymous michelle, at 10:22 PM  

  • You're exactly right there. The only Peace these fanatics recognize is the complete destruction of Israel. Thank God it will not happen, not even in a million years.

    Be of good courage Eugene, the whole Christian world is praying for your safety.

    God bless Israel.

    By Anonymous Mindanao, at 11:49 AM  

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