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Monday, July 17, 2006

This has happened before

Map of the area, thank you, I'm near the bottom red dot

So far it's been quite, its dark and they can't fire because their positions would be given away.

To respond to one of the comments:

This happened because of "illegal settlements throughout the land that was supposed to be Palestine" and it's all our fault. Well actually, Israel has been actively shutting down settlements and forcefully uprooting some of its own citizens. Just last year there has been a withdrawing from Gaza.

Doing that is not an easy task either. Without it's an expansive process as thousands of families need to be reimbursed, you have to send soldiers (who are usually quite young) and police forces and remove your own citizens by force. Can you imagine doing that? The clash of identity, of principles. But we did it anyway; we moved thousands and thousands of people.

We do that when we need to, for example Sinai. In 1979 Israel and Egypt signed a peace treaty, subsequently, Israel pulled out of Sinai in several stages, ending in 1982. The Israeli pull-out involved the destruction of several Israeli settlements including the town of Yamit in north-eastern Sinai.

That worked, and we now have a peaceful relationship with Egypt. So, out of the belief that we could do that again, this time with the Palestinians, we moved. We had a year of quit and exactly a year later they started attacking us again. Shooting hand made rockets into the town of Sderot and kidnapping a soldier, killing others.

So, no, I'm sorry this is not about the Palestinians at all.
Six years ago, On May 24, 2000, Israel completed the withdrawal of its forces from southern Lebanon under the expectation that the Government of Lebanon will take effective control of southern Lebanon and bear the responsibility for preventing terrorist attacks against Israel from within its borders. Israel maintains its right to act forcefully if terrorist attacks on northern Israel continue after the withdrawal.

That's Resolution 425, passed by the UN.

What's happing is that the government of Lebanon is not in control, Hezbollah is. And they attacked Israel and kidnapped two soldiers, and have been firing rockets into the population killing a dozen or so people so far, and wounding hundreds. See that little clause at the end of Resolution 425? We are exercising it in full because Lebanon didn't do anything about Hezbollah and allowed this to happen.

I think you can very well see a pattern emerge here. Israel takes giants leaps of faith and withdraws from areas that it controls and hands over the rains, under the impression that security will be maintained. And every time, it's not.

I'm sure some would very well like us to give up and leave, but we won't. It's not an option, so stop entertaining it in your head. Hezbollah is a terrorist organization within Lebanon; it is not and does not represt the Lebanese. The bombings there is to get rid of Hezbollah, I'm sure that if we are successful the Lebanese will in fact thank us. (See previous post about comments)

Afterwards, a buffer will be created in the south of Lebanon and will be manned by Lebanese troops and probably a force the UN sends. The buffer serves to get Hezbollah and their launchers out of range.

Why is Hezbollah doing this, and why now? I'll cover that in the next post. Updates soon.


  • Fairly analytical, especially for someone of your age. I sent the link to my own kids, 19 and 21. I think they will enjoy your blog as well.

    By Blogger Montanus, at 9:09 PM  

  • almost every kid in israel can talk to you about these stuff.
    Geopolitics is very important here as you can understand from our situation :P
    and just a little correction - we unrooted 20,000 die hard settlers, some even by using physical force, in the disangagment from Gaza(augost 2005). Teror continued after a few weeks with Quassam rockets being fired daily on Israeli town over the borded (some 1200 rockets overall i presume). It peeked with the abduction of the soldier some three weeks ago. BTW, isnt it resolution 1559? :o well, NVM.
    Yefgeni rules. (im 17 too, yay, RESPECT!)

    By Anonymous funny little man, at 9:45 PM  

  • I am a seventeen year old US citizen. I like to believe I am not the typical ignorant American, and I consider Israel-Arab relations my international forte.

    I disagree with the general agression Israel has shown in the past week. I am especially distraught when I consider the amount of aid the United States provides to Israel. I cannot help but think that I have partially funded this conflict.

    Not in criticism of IDF or Israeli citizens I only wish to understand the Israeli governments idea for an outcome here. Is the goal the elimination of Hezbollah? Is that a reaslitic goal?

    Although I don't support Hezbollah I do support many things they fight for including Palestinian independence. And if Palestine does gain independence I would not bat an eye if they declared open war with Israel which I would not condemn.

    I really don't want this to come across as fascist or anything of the sort I just want to demonstrate that not all Americans blindly follow the will of their government and most do not support Israel in all their endeavours although our government will.

    By Anonymous Tennen, at 10:58 PM  

  • Actually most Americans do support Israel, at least in this current endeavor. The goal is to create a buffer zone so that Hezbollah's rockets are not within range of Israeli citizens. (The elimination of Hezbollah and is also quite realistic)

    The only aid the United states provided Israel so far is in the form of politics. That's it.

    "And if Palestine does gain independence I would not bat an eye if they declared open war with Israel which I would not condemn." - I can understand being in favor of Palestine independence, but this remark is beyond me.

    Why would you approve and be in favor of a war after they have independence? Explains your disagreement with the aggression Israel has shown in the past week, not because you want to prevent blodshed and lives lost but because you want Israel off the map.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:08 PM  

  • The United States provides a rediculous amount of monetary and military aid to Israel. More than 30% of the US's foriegn aid package.


    I am not in favor of war between Israel and Palestine I just can understand how the palistinian people would be inclined to go on the offensive, after so many years of oppression, I understand every ounce of hate for Israel.

    The assumption that I want Israel to be destroyed is just ignorance. Did I say that? People just assume that if you are do not agree with what Israel is doing you are a anti-zionist anti-semite(pardon the misnomer). This is not true. You can most certainly recognize Israel's right to exist and also recognize Palestines right to resist.

    By Anonymous Tennen, at 7:01 AM  

  • resist what?
    these tererories were Jordenien and egyptien before 1967, and than they didnt want a state of their own... whnen it comes to fighting Israel - they will figure out any reason to pickup the AK and resist.
    if pala's will attack Israel when they will have a state, what did we acheave? Israel will conqure these teretories again in about a week and then what?

    By Anonymous funny little man, at 12:29 PM  

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