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Sunday, July 23, 2006

They came from Europe

Day 12 of the conflict, two dead, 80 injured.
The blog started drawing in a huge amount of comments and some of those are now Lebanese. I always say how I don't censor, and all of you are free to speak your minds and state your opinions.

I've read some great comments, but every once in a while one such as this one comes along: "Israel does not have the right to live in the region. They came from Europe; Germany after Hitler [the] emperor tortured and burned them. In fact thy do not have any land. They are actually like animals spreading every where. After that they are trying to convince any one that Palestine for them. NO, NO Palestine for Palestrina' and Jerusalem is her capital city. They are cowards, they use just machines and forces and like the civilians and they say" we kill Hezbollah members. Hezbollah and Muslims people are very brave and strong. In fact, Jewish machines fight, no men. And Also Allah mentioned them in his book as they have been in curse until judgment day comes, before that Jesus" peace be upon him will com to the earth and he will fight with Good Muslims until they get rid of any Jewish. Even Trees will talk," Hey Muslim behind hided Jewish kill him. This is the End of Jewish people. It is a fact. There is no doubt with it no matter how much technology or MONEY they have. I do not make up this. It is very clear fact and every Muslim knows that."

The ape like mentality complaining that Israel has an air force and planes are machines (no pilots evidently) while Hezbollah are very brave hiding in tunnels 40 meters (130 feet) under civilian houses, hiding weapons next to Mosques, shooting rockets out of houses, and preventing people from leaving. The disappointment that Jews who immigrated here from Europe (many Jews came from Arab countries as well, where they lived for centuries) 60 years ago escaped the holocaust and only 6 million of them were killed. The conviction that Jesus (who was a Jew) will 'come to earth' and help Muslims massacre Jews, and delusions of talking trees. And the belief that every Muslim thinks accordingly. The hate, the pure unquenchable hate and psychosis.

Can madness be transmittable? Surely this can't be more then a select few religious fanatics.

Awake, awake and open your eyes. London, a year and three weeks ago 51 people were killed and this is whats going on in those same streets. America, where 3000 died just 5 years ago. How quick do you forget the pain, awake!

At least one can console himself that these are just radical Muslims, no sane people can turn into that, right?

This was shot a few days ago in a peace demonstration in Madrid. The sign holder is pro-Israel, all alone. The crowd starts to shout: "Who's paying you? Who's paying you to provoke? Provocateur! Jew! Jew s-o-b! Nazi! Scram! Out! Murderer! It's not terrorism, it's resistance!".

You know that poem about a priest during the holocaust who didn't say anything when they came to take various groups of people until they came for him? I think I've made my point. If I haven't it's too late already.

(pictures from: Little Green Footballs, Video from Faustas Blog)


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