Live from an Israeli bunker

Sunday, July 16, 2006

So where we are

I'd rather not say where we are exactly but its close to where the rockets hit haifa today.

I woke up a few minutes before 9 in the morning and looked out the window for some reason, then the siren started.  

So I got dressed, went stright into my brothers room 
and picked him up and moved away from outside walls. 
We heard the bombs go off in the distance and turned 
on the TV.

After a few minutes we headed down into the bunker and this is where I am right now. With a laptop and a very faint but so far adequte wifi signal.

I thought this blog is a good idea, I'll be taking notes and posting whenever possible. Perhaps this will get picked up by the media, perhaps not. But hopefully it will give an idea of how its like to the people who read it.

Update soon.


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