Live from an Israeli bunker

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Mood and attitude of the people

My grandmother turned up and told a somewhat interesting tale: she took the bus to a shopping centre two miles or so away from where the bombings occurred. She heard three load expositions and saw a female soldier drop to the ground, making her miss the sight of the actual rockets.

They were asked to wait in a public bunker at the shopping center and later released to take another public transport bus going on with its usual route as if nothing happened.

Some people have more stressful reactions to events like this, apparently the elderly develop a tolerance over the years. At the bunker the ages vary as it's about half a dozen families.

The younger kids are oblivious to the situation, the adults vary from somewhat concerned to annoyed.

What's somewhat surprising to just about everybody including myself is the calmness and general lack of fear. I always thought that I'd be much worse at situations like this. 


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