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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Master of puppets

I ended the post before last on this note: Why is Hezbollah doing this, and why now? The situation in Lebanon is that the government lost control to a terrorist group. Actually, it's precisely because of this that you don't see strong or really any condemnation from the Arab world.

These nations met, and Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia condemned Hezbollah instead. On the whole, they provided a unified front by half heartedly saying a cease fire is in order. The countries I mentioned above are more modern and progressive countries with democratic like or semi democartic regimes. (Egypt has a semi-presidential system, the other two are monarchies) However in just about any Arab country there is a religion oriented party that is part of the government. So what happened in Lebanon could very well happen elsewhere, and there's your explanation.

On the other side of the spectrum however there is Iran, and Syria (who is largely in Iran's pocket). Iran repeatedly stated that an attack on Syria by Israel will get a response from Iran. They also publicly stated that they did not provide any weapons to the Hezbollah, which is a blatant lie as Israeli intelligence now know otherwise. For example, the rocket that was tried to be passed off as a jet fighter that I mentioned in the previous post is probably Iranian made.
The first rockets that fell on Haifa were Syrian made.

These two are clearly behind this. And here is a bit of information your way: Iran received an ultimatum regarding its nuclear development program from the G8 (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom, and United States). The G8 were scheduled for talks on July the 15th. I make a clear connection here: Iran orchestrated this telling Syria to provide Hezbollah with weapons and arguing Hezbollah to attack Israel to divert attention from itself.

So we have a large amount (if not most) of the Arab countries hoping that Israel deals away with Hezbollah from fear of repeats domestically, and most major European countries hoping the same. And the Lebanese themselves, whose country, has been hijacked, really, by a terrorist group and foreign influences.

The UN however is starting to mutter something about an involvement on their part, and a cease fire. I don't think it's going to happen so soon, in fact the Israeli army has been given the go ahead to issue recruitment letters to man three airborne and an engineering division. The recruits are the reserves and will replace regular army personnel guarding the Shoran area, while those go north and partake in the fighting. This means that the fighting is going to continue a while longer.

It's unfortunate that Lebanese civilians are in the midst of it but they do get warnings via radio and flyers from the Israeli army to leave the area. Actually, 600,000 left to Syria so far. But the objective is very clear here, Israel needs to get rid of Hezbollah and create a buffer zone so the rockets will be out of reach.

It's funny however, watching Fox news with headlines such as "War at the gas pump", which is a rather selfish and self centric headline. But this actually does concert the United States. As I explained the ties with Iran, and Iran's nuclear plans. Also one of the missiles fired into Israel was co-developed by Iran and China, and Iran has ties with North Koreans, who are ALSO developing a nuclear bomb.

Could this escalate? Well so far the Israeli army has it under control, today was a rather quit day for example. I heard it thru the grapevine however that El Al (Israeli airline) pilots are worried and might start being escorted by Jet Fighters upon arrival. It's unknown if Hezbollah has rockets with a larger range that can actually hit Tel-Aviv, it was threatened by Nasrallah but so far this is an unknown.

If such a thing was to occur Israel might be forced to go farther then Lebanon and bomb Syria (The rocket might even be lunched from there) and this virtually insures Iran's involvement, as well as the United States. It goes beyond the gas pump.

Night is silent here, but I might be awoken by the sound of sirens again tomorrow. Updates as events unfold.


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