Live from an Israeli bunker

Monday, July 17, 2006

The loop of misinformation

remember this guy? he makes me giggle (iraq information minister)

Today we awoke at 6 in the morning to a siren, but it was a false positive. I went back to sleep and only woke up by 1PM, and then it was a limbo of sirens and heading down into the bunker and back up. A rather old three story building suffered a direct hit today, so far today few people have been hurt.

What I'd like to talk about right now is the FUD.
In Beirut a group of reports from all over the world were standing a fair bit away from the action and saw something. They weren’t sure what it was, then one of them from the Lebanese TV decided it’s a plane that was shot down. The others heard it and all of them started reporting it. It's a plane, it’s a chopper, it’s a plane.

On the news channel here they picked up that Sky News was reporting it and showed all of that, and asked an analyst if this is true. He said that sources told him in his earpiece that no such thing happened. This all played out right on TV.

It's just weird how unreliable foreign media is.


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