Live from an Israeli bunker

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Live, Bunker, in a very literal way

11AM, I just want to sleep. A siren unsurprisingly starts, you knew it would. Well maybe this time I won't go down, come on what are the odds. Fine, even if we do get hit, that's the only way you are getting me out of this bed.

One minute later, down in the bunker where few people came down. In the distance you hear a faint boom, you've heard booms in the past one or twice. Then again, boom, louder. 1,2,3, BOOM, BOOM. 1,2, Boom. (Those booms better stop getting louder, on the last two you could feel the vibration from the wall). Boom, they are getting fainter now. Final boom in the distance.

Well that seemed close, they always went over before. The radio says 12 rockets have hit, I heard 6. Two people are reported to be killed, 14 injured with one in critical condition. A car was hit while driving, not a direct hit but close enough for it to be damaged. (one of the persons killed is from the car). That reminds me how a few days ago in Naharyia a man was running towards his bunker and a few meters (9-12 feet) away from the opening suffered a direct hit. Luck be a lady doesn't apply here far too often.

So do the bunkers help? A house not unlike my own but in the unfortunate location of being in an open area (and facing the wrong direction I suppose) was hit, you will probably see a picture of that in the media but then again you never know. It was hit but the residents went down to the bunker (which is on the other side of the house and down below) for what probably was the 50th time in the last 12 days, and they are safe. If you live in Haifa and the north area when you hear a siren GO DOWN TO THE BUNKER, don't take chances because you never know.

This seems to me like the most heavy attack on Haifa so far, number of missiles wise.

More updates soon.

Update: Sirens again, no hits this time. They usually try to have two or more waves to hit those people who take care of the injured. The bunker is much fuller this time around, first and second hand accounts of the previous bombings are being passed around.


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