Live from an Israeli bunker

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Irony is never on my side

Speak about how you think violence is winding down and there might be an end of it in sight and of course life will punch your logic in the face. Damn you Murphy.

What started out as a skirmish near the border between the IDF and the Hezbollah has developed into a small battle. The shelling seems to be heavy for both sides, no casualties here so far.

As I started writing this post I saw Haifa on TV and a siren in the background while at the same time hearing that some of the trucks providing weapons have managed to slip thru from Syria and are somewhat close to our border. Long range missiles suspected and a siren means rather swiftly going down into the bunker. Haifa was hit but details are unknown so far.

One of the comments mentioned that I made CNN, so welcome viewers. If anybody might be kind enough to sent me a clip of this as I missed it I’d be much obliged.

More soon.


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