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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hiding like rabbits, but not as cute

First quiet day for Haifa in quite a while. Something feels different today. The picture above is what 23 tons of bombs exploding look like. It's being reported that Nasrallah was not there, but then again we haven't seen him on TV for four days now. And coupled with today's almost non-existent attacks on Haifa maybe, just maybe something in Hezbollah's chain of command got disrupted.

But don't get a false impression; they got pushed back so the bulk of the fighting is in the north. But they are still there. And it's not over by a long shot. The Hezbollah has dug tunnels, some as deep as 40 meters (130 feet), so during air strikes they hide down there and are unaffected. After a few hours they come out and shot another rocket. The tunnels have multiple entrances, some right inside houses.

This is not unlike what the Vietnamese did during the Vietnam war. To get them now, ground troops will unfortunately have to be sent in, and they are expected. In fact two soldiers were killed yesterday and nine injured today.

It seems to me, and I'm prefacing this by saying that I have no military training and not a lot of information to go by, that sending ground troops in is playing into the hands of the Hezbollah. I think there's a link between Hezbollah and Iran, they are nothing other then a front for the Iranian army. They are well trained and have been preparing for this for years. I can't imagine that they haven't anticipated this. Intelligence is the key here, wherever a rocket is fired from that location needs to be discovered, marked, and the area bombed extensively while at the same time preventing reinforcements arriving from Syria and the north of Lebanon.

The air force is currently operating at 20% of its capacity, keep at it for a few days and warn civilians all over the place (they have to go on TV and state this as much as possible) and crank it up afterwards.

Switching gears for a moment, a humanitarian passage way has been opened with the approval of Israel via Cyprus. The EU is providing Lebanon with 10 million euros, I hope they aren't giving them money (which is of little use there right now and only comes out to about 20 euros per person) which can be used to buy weapons but rather food and medical provisions for the civilians only.

Finally, today's relative calmness could be attributed as the silence before the storm. They may be up to something. Depends if you’re an optimist or not, but a sense of false security is not recommended right now either way. This is still very much ongoing and will probably get worse before getting better.

Update: As I was writing this post Nasrallah was shown on TV, not speaking live but from tape and from the content it's obvious that he is alive. He denies that Hezbollah was damaged at all,but then you would expect that from him. He also says he will not release the kidnapped soldiers.

More soon.


  • What a shame Nasrallah still draws air.

    By Blogger Jenn of the Jungle, at 11:42 PM  

  • Sorry to hear of your losses in Lebanon. It will be hard for a while, but I think Hezbollah are looking vunerable. Nasrallah can't hide for ever, sooner or later Zahal will get him. Lots of criticism of Syria and Iran in the press here also much sympathy for Israel, especially after rocket attack on Nazareth. Keep your spirits up I'll post again tomorrow.

    By Anonymous Matthew Humphries (UK), at 12:03 AM  

  • I don't know where I might have gotten this idea, but I'm starting to suspect that maybe Europe might have some animosity towards Jews.

    By Anonymous Mr. Kite, at 12:27 AM  

  • lol i think its just that france and some other countries just want to cover up how much they treat there arab and muslim citesens

    GOD HELP ME I CANT SPELL!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Blogger james, at 12:35 AM  

  • I believe you're correct, being the calm before the storm. It's no use thinking all of this fighting is over. The more Iran and Syria help Hezbollah, the more they will inflict chaos.


    By Blogger Sunny, at 12:46 AM  

  • While I am totally against Hezbollah policies and goals, I really wonder how can you eliminate Hezbollah by your current actions.
    It did not work for Gaza, how it is going to work at the scale of Lebanon. This is just impulsive thinking.
    Ironically Hezbollah and Hamas leaders are among the few democratically elected leaders. Hezbollah has been growing at your watch for all these years, and enjoys the support of a 1/3 of Lebanon's population. Treating the cancer at the moment will kill the whole body, unless you really want to destroy Lebanon.
    Realistically, my opinion is that the outcome of this war, will be the strenghtening of Hezbollah, the instigation of hatred among a new generation of Lebanese, born post 1982.
    Kill Nasrallah, like Moussawi before, the line-up is already there to replace him, remember Shia birth rate is not really the lowest in the region.

    A more logical reaction would have been to release Lebanese prisonners, and give this shitty farm of Shebaa to Hizbollah, and deprive him from any motives.

    Israel's economy has a lot more to lose than the bearded man's people.

    A Lebanese expatriate ...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:54 AM  

  • "Israel's economy has a lot more to lose than the bearded man's people." - True, but since the start of the war it went up and down and is not actually %5 ahead then it was. It's holding firm.

    As for depriving him from any motivations, I don't believe for one second anything he says. His ultimate goal is to destroy Israel, what you have suggested will be seen as a defeat of Israel by Hezbollah and will send the wrong message out: "terror works, it gets results, Israel is not that strong." and that will bring a repeat of this events and not only from them but from the rest of the Arab world as well. I don't think it's an option.

    By Blogger Live from an Israeli bunker, at 1:08 AM  

  • i agree with Live from an Israeli bunker dude the moment you give in you look weak to the leaders of other countries and realy when you think about it what realy would happen if israel was destoyed...hmmm well first the palastinians would be free and happy and love and peace would fly out there buts....wrong!!! syria would set up a vote, rig it, and they have a puppet palastine there used as fodder for syrias next move and traped as prisoners with no way out well you say there already prisoners to israel the isralis would give the palastinians a chance would syria like theyve given lebanon?

    and look i love america and as far as im conserned democracy is the best government but if you look back in history the magority of democracys were saported by slavery so dont hide behind that cloth sheild

    By Blogger james, at 1:58 AM  

  • Israel will NEVER be destroyed!
    America will NOT let that happen!
    And God will not let that happen.
    Israel is God's chosen people wether you belive it or not. They have a right to exist.
    Zionists just want thier own land and to live in Peace.
    I support you Israel!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:34 AM  

  • Wonderful blog you're keeping here. One of the things that I think is important, and that the Israeli government is failing at, is showing the world the damage Hezbollah is doing to Israeli towns and people. I am an American, and on CNN the only pictures we are seeing are of bombed out Lebanese neighborhoods and Lebanese casualties. Images of Israelis are mostly of artillerymen and their guns. For all an American knows, Israel is sustaining no damage at all, but from what I hear the border towns of Israel have been devastated despite the low casualties. Why the Israeli PR machine that is normally so good at publicizing Israeli casualties has suddenly failed, I have no idea. If you could post some pictures on your blog of damage to Haifa, or even if you know someone in the border towns who could send you pictures from their area, that would be really helpful at correcting the misperception that only Lebanese are suffering.

    By Blogger Dan, at 4:04 AM  

  • Nice blog!
    Yesterday I covered the "End of crisis" as IDF sees it.
    The end of fighting, is it seems now, will come only with the death on Nasrallah.


    By Blogger Ilan, at 4:44 AM  

  • I admire your courage and that of those surrounding you. Holding you and yours in the Light. Millions upon millions hold you and all the innocent in their thoughts and prayers. Please know this.

    Question: What would you say is the most important aspect for your readers to keep in perspective regarding the hostilities you are experiencing and how have you changed in these last weeks- how have you as a young man changed because of your experience?

    Know you are being held in thought and prayers.

    In Peace-

    By Blogger isaiah, at 4:52 AM  

  • Israel is in our prayers and thoughts. We support your country. And, I happen to agree with Fight the Good Fight. God will never let Israel be destroyed.

    Take care and know that we support you.

    By Blogger ThirDEE, at 5:11 AM  

  • My deepest and most heartfelt prayers are for the people of Haifa. Our holy shrines (Baha'i)are on Mt. Carmel, and I'm holding my breath that they will not get hit. I see the bright lights of the city at night, and I wish for darkness, so nothing is so conspicuous. We listen to the news all day, hoping all is well.

    By Blogger Bonita, at 5:41 AM  

  • Bonita I've been to the Baha'i gardens, they are beautiful. And from what (too) little I know of the religion, it's beautiful as well.

    If it's any consolation at all, so far it proved to be a little bit to the side of the rockets usual flight path. They don't seem to be targeting that area and chances are it will remain safe.

    By Blogger Live from an Israeli bunker, at 5:47 AM  

  • whats a Baha'i if you dont mind me askin? just courious.....

    By Blogger james, at 5:58 AM  

  • A lebanese psychic Michel Hayek with proven track record (predicted the killing of Hariri) has predicted the death of Nesrallah in Summer 2006, near Syrian borders, gunned down by Ìsraeli helicopters.

    He does not specify the exact day though...

    By Anonymous Lebanese Expatriate, at 6:29 AM  

  • dan-it's because of the Liberal Media.
    I freakin hate it! They hate Bush and what he is doing.(standing against terrorism)
    I watched ABC just to see if they would say anything about the Senate passing a resolution supporting Israel that was signed today, an they didn't say anything about it.
    There is a growing trend to 'humanize' the civilian deaths at the hand of Israel. They are acting out of line, so forth..
    BS, those bastards have been shootin' missles and kidnapping Iraelis, they are a terrorist organization!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:30 AM  

  • dan-it's because of the Liberal Media.(I can say that of American media)(except for FOX maybe)
    I freakin hate it! They hate Bush and what he is doing.(standing against terrorism)
    I watched ABC just to see if they would say anything about the Senate passing a resolution supporting Israel that was signed today, an they didn't say anything about it.
    There is a growing trend to 'humanize' the civilian deaths in Lebanon at the hand of Israel. They are acting out of line, so forth..
    BS, those bastards have been shootin' missles and kidnapping Iraelis, they are a terrorist organization! But I do want Peace for Palestine!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:35 AM  

  • Fight the Good Fight,

    I am fine with the humanization of civilians killed and wounded by bombs or who have lost their homes and livelihoods. I just want it to be done for civilians of both sides.

    By Blogger Dan, at 7:39 AM  

  • Israel has never been particularly good at 'publicizing' the deaths of civilains or soldiers. Jews don't parade their dead through the streets, and often they are buried before the cameras even arrive. And my understanding is that the IDF doesn't want media showing where exactly the damage is on TV so that Hizbollah doesn't have as good an idea where the missiles are hitting, since they are not guided. Israel's never going to win the PR war - she just has to win the actual war.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:34 AM  

  • Andrew (USA)

    First of all, great blog you have here.

    In essence the Lebanese people have been covered in honey, and hezbollah took a stick and smacked a bee-hive..
    Now they blame the bees for stinging.

    Don't you just love illogical thinking?

    Stay safe.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:35 AM  

  • I'm European, a German residing in the US to be exact and can't stand to see anybody suffer at what now appears to be a full-blown war. The news coverage is a bit one-sided here, it's good to get first-hand accounts to better understand the conflict and current developments. It's also shocking to watch documentaries like "checkpoint" or "17th passenger" - I think that was the name of the movie where a film-maker helped identify a bus-bomb victim by retracing the events and contacting survivors as well as families of the victims. Watching such documentaries allows bewtter understanding of the "hate" on both sides of the border, it is evident in what people say and how they react and deal with their frustrations.
    It's just a shame that the numbers of innocent always have to be so high. That too is war, though. You're doing a fine job keeping us informed. I'm in no position to take sides, I simply pray for this to end very soon and for peace on all sides of the borders!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:50 AM  

  • Sending ground troops in would probably be a bad idea.

    A: the place is probably wrought with booby-Traps and Ambushes.

    B: You are correct when saying it is playing right into their hand. Hezzbollah,Iran and Syria probably want the Israeli's to invade so they can use it as an excuse to step up attacks.

    I would say the best thing to do here is wait it out. you have time on your side. They only have X amount of rockets and once those are gone it's over.
    As long as the IAF keeps supply out that should work.

    By Blogger LibrarianAkios, at 9:57 AM  

  • Fantastic blog - please keep it up. I've linked to you.

    By Anonymous Rob, at 10:04 AM  

  • Good post.


    By Anonymous Ozzie, at 10:52 AM  

  • That's quite an image. It overwhelms my heart a little - makes my eyes water briefly. I pray to God this ends soon and you find little to worry about ourtside of your grades and who you want to date. It's wishful thinking I know; but, it's my prayer for you. Take this as a hug from across the world. In between your blogging take time to find something to smile about, take time to see rays of hope and when you do - share it with us. Stay safe keep us informed and stay true.

    Blessings from Branson

    By Blogger Darin, at 11:26 AM  

  • Hello,

    I'm a german woman, 42, and at the moment I'm at work in Munich. I'm very sorry for ALL people who suffer under the war in Lebanon/Israel. Why is it so difficult to let other human beings live as they want to live? If someone is Christ, Muslim,Jew or Non-Religious - WE ARE ALL THE SAME!!! It does'nt matter if you're black, white, yellow or red and it also doesn't matter if you love man, women or both. IT'S ONLY ONE WORLD FOR ALL OF US - but unfortunately so many people are having fun in oppressing the others who are different in colour, religion or sexual preference. That makes me so sad!!!!

    I wish you all much power to get over the actual situation and to handle it bravely like all of you do.

    My heart is with you and I pray to God (or Allah or something Unnamed) that in the end love and peace will win!!!


    By Anonymous Martina, at 6:06 PM  

  • sorry, seems my comment went on twice..that was weird..didn't mean to.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:31 AM  

  • Long live hizbollah. more rockets are coming to you israeli suckers.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:29 PM  

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