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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Best of Bunker Blog

After more then two weeks (I lost count of the days) and 34 posts, I think a roundup is in order, in case you missed these:

So where we are - The post that started it all.
The loop of misinformation - Bunker Blog corrects the MSM.
This has happened before - Happen before it did.
Master of puppets - I lay down the premise of Syrian and Iranian involvement.
Straight from the horse's mouth - Educational videos about the mindset of terrorists.
Some very bad news - Early reports of Hezbollah holding civilians hostage, Bunker Blog receives a confirmation.
Variations on a theme - Following on the previous video post another must see.
It's all about soul - Correcting more misinformation and bringing to light what was under reported.
Hiding like rabbits, but not as cute - Explanation of Hezbollah tactics and the start of ground operations.
Too close for comfort - Bunker Blog reports a first hand experience of being in the line of fire.
Let loose the dogs of war - The game is afoot.
Haifa, Morning, Sirens. Coffee? - Secretary-General of the UN more important than Haifa being bombed.
Lebanon & Syria - Diving deeper into the Syrian-Lebanese relationship and possible contingencies.
Live, Bunker, in a very literal way - The importance of being Earnest in a bunker.
They came from Europe - Bunker Blog shows whats going on around the world. Concerns you wherever you are.
Iran & Hezbollah, Iran is Hezbollah - Exploring the Iranian-Lebanese connection and history, read this.
This blog can't be correct, I don't believe you! - Predisposed opinions don't change. Don't believe me, believe the Lebanese.
Down in the Bunker, life goes on - Bunker Blog tells what it's like down there.

PoliticsCentral: one, two, three.
Israel National Radio: Interview with Tamar (English).
Bunker Blog interviews: An Israeli-Arab girl and Israeli boy.

Caricature by Roman Genn for Pajamas Media. It's a cartoon I look different.


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